Littlefoot and his friends all run, wondering what to do. What I found was not pretty. (Maybe they’d live with Pterano, which wouldn’t bode well for them.). video. By David Duprey On Nov 14, 2017. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. As Littlefoot does not call for his mother, as he is still asleep, Sharptooth eats Cera for a late night snack. Well, not literally, but just a painful premonition. The Land Before Time is 1988 animated film about an orphaned brontosaurus who teams up with other young dinosaurs in order to reunite with their families in a valley. added by RainSoul. – With all of the gang dead, except possibly Littlefoot, Hyp wans’t rescued and died in the tar pit. Littlefoot's Mother is a kind, loving, and caring mother to her son wanting what's best for her son by raising him in a good place, such as The Great Valley. (No, this one doesn’t quite go like my thoughts above where loads more die.) As Chomper, in his bad form, is stronger than Sharptooth, he soon fells her and Littlefoot has to watch her die all over again. He hugs Chomper and says that, though his mother is dead, her death at least allowed him to be nice and save lives that way and that it’s foolish to try and change the past. When Littlefoot asks about Petrie, Littlefoot’s mothering informs him that Petrie’s mother had died in a mudslide a short while ago and that Petrie and his siblings had gone to live with Pterano, who was still banished for five cold times. ShikyoMegami Nov 10, 2013. I like it. Littlefoot's mother is a minor character from The Land Before Time and is the loving mother of her sonLittlefoot and the daughter of his grandparents. 11. Here are the scenarios as to how she could have survived. – Chomper continues to eat meat and continues on his path to be a regular Sharptooth, Land Before Time VI: Secrets of Saurus Rock events. (Yes, the damage also results in one less sibling for Ducky. He turned around, facing his mother and father with a warm heart, as both parents licked him, which made him feel comfortable. Scenario 2: Littlefoot and Cera are chased by Sharptooth. 2. Grandma's Lullaby~ The Land Before Time Journey Through The Mist . – Grandma Longneck goes on the journey with Littlefoot’s mother. Escargoon, the crows, Toad, Kirby, SpongeBob and Patrick, the vultures, Plankton, and Mario. Have You Ever Watch Kong: The Animated Series? However, he is dismayed to see that, unlike what his mother thought, there seem to be few longnecks to play with and, having never met Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike, may have been a believer in herd separation and hence had few friends. land before time . – As Littlefoot slept through the night, Chomper’s egg wasn’t moved. But what if somehow she had survived? What would have happened to the LBT universe? This movie inflicted deep wounds, people. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. The two have no hope of falling in love now as Littlefoot is dead. was not … 100% Upvoted. Devastated by Athena's death, Triton throws the music box into the ocean and bans music from the kingdom. – Ali is still being lied to by Rhett as the others weren’t alive to expose him. While Mufasa's death also made me cry, it didn't have the same impact as the death of Littlefoot's mother. Which death was sadder? duh! Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water events. This is why you don’t go back in time and save someone because it may end up killing many more. I haven't actually seen it, but I hear it's pretty good. The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave (events). The producers decide… She was killed while she was trying to protect her son and Cera from Sharptooth. Petrie can’t fly. Petrie cant fly11 what did littlefoots mother give. Known casualties: Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, unhatched egg of Ducky’s mother, unhatched eggs that would have been stolen had not the kids accidentally alerted that Flyer, Hyp, Littlefoot, Archie, Tricia, Guido, Dara, Petrie’s mother, Skip, Bron, Loofah, Doofah, Foobie, Grandpa Longneck, Tippy and his herd, Characters having fates altered for the worse: Pterano, Chomper, Petrie’s siblings. Watch this The Land Before Time video, Littlefoot's mother dies, on फैन्पॉप and browse other The Land Before Time videos. I even picture Plant Man crying during this scene. Sharptooth may or may not have been killed (if he isn’t, he will kill again over and over for the rest of his life.) Littlefoot's Mother is a kind, loving, and caring mother to her son wanting what's best for her son by raising him in a good place, such as the Great Valley. Littlefoot is the only son of Mama Longneck. Littlefoot goes and tracks down Petrie, Chomper, and Ruby. The Land Before Time Production Cel. Not even Mufasa's death made me cry... and this one, yes. Littlefoot's mother met Pooh and his friends in Pooh's Adventures of The Land Before Time. – Mama Fast Biter’s eggs would have hatched near the Great Valley, which would have led to trouble. I grew up with these movies and it wasnt Bambie or Lion King that made me bawl my eyes out over an animated movie for the first time. The producers decide… Her death was originally going to be one of the scenes that were cut from the original footage, until it was realized that this would bring problems in explaining why Littlefoot would have to venture on his own to the Great Valley. – Dara would have died as Chomper wouldn’t have been there to save her either. Close. You Guys Like Kong Avenges Littlefoot's Mother's Death? – Ali spends the rest of her life haunted by the death of Littlefoot, likley beating herself up for agreeing to take him toward the Land of Mists. Littlefoot's mother, voiced by Helen Shaver, dies in the first film to save Littlefoot and Cera from the Sharptooth pursuing them. Grandma Longneck, now a widow, may also have stayed with them. Indeed. – Guido would have been eaten by that Spinosaurus without Petrie’s help. Chomper hatches and stays with his parents. – Mama Flyer would have died in the mud, not rescued by Chomper. Before her death, she is Littlefoot's teacher and caregiver, and introduces the story's principal themes. I'm not surprised, really. Posted by 1 year ago. What did Littlefoot’s mother give him before she died? However, Topps, Grandpa Longneck, and the five main characters are dead here. Land Before Time III: The Time of Great Giving (events). He becomes a regular sharptooth, learning to eat the meat of other dinosaurs. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Just look up Star Trek the original series character called helen. 7 comments. However, her father separated them. watch the first movie. Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total), is NOT affiliated with Universal Studios in any way, What would have happened had Mama Longneck survived? Mufasa or Littlefoots mother? Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island (events). Sorry for the late reply, but I feel your pain. It was the death of LittleFoot's mother. At last, their grandchild was born. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were worried that some of the scenes in the original movie, especially the fight sequence between Littlefoot's Mother and the Sharptooth, and her resulting death, would be too frightening or even psychologically-damaging to young children. Littlefoot's mother dies due to the wounds she received from her fight against Sharptooth while protecting Littlefoot and Cera. video. Still wrecked with guilt over supposedly causing his father's death Simba refuses to return and overthrow Scar but Rafiki has tracked Simba down and leads him to the ghost of Mufasa who reminds Simba who he is and how he must take his rightful place as King of the Pride Lands. They never became friends. My Reason: Characters left: 140 I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later. Ozzy and Strut meanwhile, unbothered by the kids, most of whom have died, are able to get eggs without being hampered. Herds are separated. Guadalupe Romero. They also still have to fight Red Claw. This topic contains 3 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by  chris 4 years, 2 months ago. Cera was separated … Sort by. LittleFoot, do you remember the way to the Great Valley? The bait was Ducky. Littlefoot’s mother’s death was certainly tragic and a standout in the first movie. The two older longneck’s mourn the deaths of both Littlefoot and Grandpa Longneck. Members Who Favorited This. He typical… – Events here aren’t as drastic, though the Great Valley might not be that inhabited after the events of the previous movie in this altered universe. – Without Petrie and Guido being around, Swooper would have stayed at Hanging Rock. Faved by 4 BTVA Members. When Littlefoot's egg is snatched by an Egg Stealer, Littlefoot's Mother attacks the egg … However, his mother, upon hearing this, tells him that she would NEVER want the world to be worse just so she could live to see Littlefoot grow up. However, Ruby, who is billingual, ends up helping him learn Leaf Eater. The Rainbow Faces meet them. So don’t mess with time/fate! Littlefoot and Archie are killed and eaten by Dil and Ichy. Disclaimer: I don't own The Land Before Time characters. – Without being able to help the children, Mr. Thicknose might not have been able to get redemption and may have fallen out of favor with the grownups and lost his teaching position. – Had Ruby met Chomper’s family without them having met the Gang of Five, likely she would have become “dessert”. Before the group can get too close to the time thing, which now takes longer to make as they are bigger, Chomper heads after them. 2. added by NightFrog. Good story. Source: Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Mufasa or Littlefoots mother? That Moment In ‘The Land Before Time’ and Why Littlefoot’s Mother’s Death is So Important. – It is possible that Grandma Longneck and Littlefoot’s mother may have left the Great Valley with Ali’s herd, as Grandpa Longneck and Littlefoot are dead. However, Littlefoot doesn’t notice as he gets back into the time thingy, that Ruby has vanished and that Chomper suddenly turns less friendly and becomes more snarly and tries to take a bite at Cera before he too vanishes, as does Petrie. – The rest of the Yellow Bellies may have met a bad end too as the Gang didn’t help them defeat the Baryonxes by dancing. However, without the help of the others, Ali is unable to break the rocks after the earthshake alone. I actually did think of a LBT story where Littlefoot would meet the Rainbow Faces, who would have the capability of time travel for some reason. The Great Earthshake happens. Littlefoot's mother dies. Comments Add a Comment. A fight ensues, and eventually, Chomper, along with Screech, Thud, and others, possibly including Dil and Ichy, attack the Great Valley, resulting in the deaths of Mr. Threehorn and Mama Swimmer. Littlefoot is modest, intelligent, playful, adventurous and positive. Reflecting his love of adventure, he is most often seen singing the song \"Adventuring\" in the television series. But when I heard that she passed away, it made me regret for what I did. The child's new grandparents from behind them looked at the three of them and smiled deeply. – Not getting the Nightflower, Grandpa Longneck succumbs to his illness and dies. My speculation. Her efforts, though, allow Littlefoot to get to the time thingy and go back in time and stop himself and the others from stopping Sharptooth from killing Littlefoot’s mother. Littlefoot had been on a journey to go to the Great Valley when he met Cera, a young Triceratops. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Cera may have met the others and led them. I Felt Bad for Littlefoot's Mother, But Good News I Made Kong vs Sharptooth to Avenge Littlefoot's Mother's Death. The plan ends up working, as they trip Sharptooth off a cliff to his death where he drowns in a pool of water. Littlefoot would suggest the Gang of Seven go back in time and defeat Sharptooth perhaps a day BEFORE the Great Earthshake, thus stopping Littlefoot’s mother from being killed. Wounds that healed, only to be reopen by Mufasa's death in The Lion King a mere six years later.