Monaco. Metrica is a unique and modern novelty font designed with criss-crossing lines and angles in unexpected places. Gill Sans. An example of a lobe is the curved stroke that’s coming off the main stem of the uppercase P. The Twists and Turns of Font Anatomy. We specify a font name ("Times New Roman") as the first argument. Legan from Peggo Fonts is a great example of a contemporary glyphic font that is inspired by the classical patterns of this typestyle. Modern and sleek. Courier - A common fixed width serif font. menu name, followed by the style link required to use it. That being said, you may want to use one of them because it may seem that a popular font … An example of the fonts used during the 1930s was the Kaufman Bold, created in 1936 by Max Kaufmann. A mac font that serves as a default for many Snow Leopard functions. For example, the alternatives for the Sans Serif font like Helvetica are Acumin and Univers. Penumbra, Albertus and Pompei are well-known examples of this font style. Download here . Legan. The g is very different from all the above examples. Serif fonts are typefaces composed of lines with their ends embellished with small marks or strokes making them easy to read. Serifs originated in the Latin Alphabet. Eurostyle. Every letter has its own design, making this font quite special. Constructor. Agency Alba Alba Matter Alba Super ALGERIAN Arial Arial Black Arial Narrow Arial Rounded MT Bold Arnprior Baby Kruffy (Baby Kruffy) Baskerville Old Face Comic Sans MS - An informal font that looks like hand-written printing. This example is a Windows Forms program and its uses the simplest Font constructor. ATM 4.0 lists font names and style links in the format "Fontname, Style link," while ATM 3.0x and earlier list font names and style links in the format "Fontname, STYLE LINK." Windows fonts are one aspect of this convergence: Windows 10 introduces a recommended UWP font set that is common across all editions that support UWP, including Desktop, Server, and Xbox. We’ll look at all our examples using the same format: the name of the font, a basic description, and an example so you can see each one in action. Though this is more of a script, it still was an important font of the said era. For example, the font … FONTS – Note, these are all 16 point type so you can see the details more easily. Metrica. Here we go! But unlike their web-safe counterparts, alternative fonts are often not prepackaged on all OS. The family of Kaufmann fonts tends to have delicate and lighter forms that have become the classic look of joined, informal scripts. A number of additional fonts are available for Desktop and Server, including all other fonts from previous releases. Similar to Haettenschweiler, it's just what it sounds like-a big sturdy font designed for headlines. Wide angles mixed with short shapes make Quantum an interesting font for logos and products names related to technology or science. Many people reading this line of text likely didn’t realize how many terms can be applied to all the features of the letters they’re reading right now. 1) Serif. Font anatomy is a highly captivating part of typography. A more old-fashioned sans-serif, with a bit of class and elegance. Click on the font name to view a PDF document containing examples of all of the font faces that are available within the font family: Century Gothic - A common proportional sans-serif font. Glyphic fonts are often used for luxury brands and in real estate.