Alfalfa is too rich for them because it is high in calcium, which they do not need, so they could wind up zinc deficient. The cubes are too big for goats. Bloat can happen with any overeating or rich feed. Everyone talks about how goats waste hay, but pigs are even worse. They don’t get enough good quality browse to eliminate actual baled hay, and I don’t always have a choice with what kind I feed, but they always seem to have Timothy pellets and beet pulp pellets at TSC. Pregnant does and milkers need lots of calcium, and you don’t normally hear about them having any issues with zinc deficiency. I think I will try the non-organic pellets also. Thank you 🙂. Just as we mix the pellets into the grain for the goats, we also mix it with the pigs’ grain. I’m so confused and I know I must be overthinking feeding my goats. We saw the same thing when we tried to go grain free many years ago and gave up. I am organic on my farm. Your email address will not be published. I feed alfalfa pellets everyday. you can add some grains powder or vitamins in your raw materials, I don’t think we are supposed to feed alfalfa to our weathers. Feed Standlee Premium Western Forage Organic Alfalfa Pellets according to the following guide: Breeding Does: 2.5% – 3% of body weight Wethers only need a good quality grass hay and whatever they can get from the pasture. Do you feed it with other grains? They also have access to pasture. Theres not alot of grass out front for some reason so I’ve been letting them into the back during the day. Was that partially due to feeding the medicated goat feed? They get alfalfa pellets and COB on the milk stand when in milk plus pasture. We have been using the pellets and grazing, but I wondered about the the cubes. Bucks included. Alfalfa has a 15:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio, which makes it a perfect complement to grain, which is high in phosphorus. I add alfalfa pellets to grain to keep my does occupied longer on the milk stand. Very stemmy, parts of it almost look more like straw then hay. What can I do at this point to supplement the zinc? Now check your email to confirm your subscription. of dry forage per day for a 150 lb. They’re very skittish but getting alot better about letting me near them. But the nutritional content of hay pellets, cubes, and baled hay are all exactly the same. If they are not going to be bred, then they don’t need alfalfa. Alfalfa Pellets . They seem to waste a lot of hay. A: Nutrient-wise, alfalfa hay and alfalfa pellets are similar in content. I’d suggest buying a bag of the timothy hay pellets and starting to mix those in with the alfalfa pellets to gradually switch them over to 100% timothy hay pellets. Unsubscribe at any time. (West Texas wind) I would like to try cubes to see if they like those. Is it okay to feed alfalfa pellets or would it be better to use timothy grass? She was right at 60% of her adult weight (my plan was to wait another month, but our buck decided to get smart all of a sudden and figured out how to open the gate). Thrifty Homesteader is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to alfalfa hay is not appropriate for bucks,, I fed my goats almost exclusively on alfalfa hay for years. They won’t need that a few months down the road when their growth slows down — and it can become detrimental for them and cause problems. For my Nigerian dwarf bucks, that is usually between one to two cups each feeding. They also get pasture and browse and grain. Never feed moldy hay to goats! I have an urban farm and fresh browse is at a premium. I also give sweet feed grain twice a day (morning and evening milking). That is having a hard time chewing her hay. Hay Cubes. DonnaBelle . Too much calcium can also cause zinc deficiency. I do use alfalfa pellets if running low on baled feed. If he is losing hair, that sounds like a mineral deficiency or imbalance — most likely a zinc deficiency caused by too much calcium in the diet from the sainfoin hay, which is a legume like alfalfa. Dams birthing was quick and clean babes were up and running within minutes- the buckling was liiking to nurse within minutes and quite vocal about it the doeling took a few minutes more. I often hear people say they want to give their animals “the best” feed, and they assume alfalfa is best because it … My weekly newsletter includes recipes and articles on homesteading, raising livestock, health, and gardening. I gave them to a friend how picked them up. I give them a flake of hay twice a day to keep their rumen working and I supplement them with as much hay pellets as they will eat before losing interest. They absolutely seem to love it. I actually found a bag of the organic alfalfa pellets at my TSP. I feed Alfalfa pellets to my Steer to help fill him faster. Goats should NEVER be given any type of medicated feed for an extended period of time. Goats will consume 2.5% – 3.5% of their body in dry forage per day. An alfalfa and grain feeding regimen helps keep the ratio correct. Too wet or too dry and we are “too short” by the end of the winter. How much alfalfa pellets do you feed to your does? Stomach issues and bladder stones are two different issues. but your statement that bucks can’t have alfalfa is completely incorrect. Hi there, this is good to see. Keep in mind that ruminants really should not get grain because it’s not good for their rumen — period. I had my first experience with UC in a 2 year old wether. Thanks so much. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, and our feed stores seem to run out pretty frequently, so I have it for when I can’t get hay. Goats are misunderstood by many vets. They get apple pieces, carrots pieces, peels, orange peels in small amounts and free choice minerals-they love Barrel Brand. I think I will try pellets and see if they like them, they seem a lot less messy. I see too many people think that they just need to feed more grain or beet pulp (please no!) People just use it to put weight on goats, which should not be the only goal. They just slurp up the grain like a five-year-old eating ice cream. I feed whatever hay I can get (alfalfa, Timothy, Bermuda) and always have a bag of the Standlee pellet on hand in case I can’t get hay. I am very happy with both their products. You can email me a photo of her at if you want me to take a look. I want to try them for my laying hens. Thanks in advance! What can you suggest for fattening up my sweet little guy? Grass Hay vs. Alfalfa . The emergence of alfalfa particles saves us a lot of trouble because it is too nutritious. I would have estimated at least two bales per week (8 per month) for three ND does, but maybe your hay bales are extra heavy or your goats get a lot of pasture and browse. They may take time to get used to new stuff but mine even eat pumpkin now. Yes, pregnant does need at least 50% alfalfa, so your plan sounds good. I can’t even find organic alfalfa hay in my area, so this definitely fills a void. (some times as low as $11.00/bag w tax) This price fluctuates from year to year. The less growing they’re doing, the less they need the extra calcium. They are almost the same way about alfalfa hay. Sometimes my hay supply is not that good. Unfortunately we have bred does so that they can’t produce to today’s standards and maintain their body condition without grain in most cases. Would you recommend alfalfa pellets or Timothy and how much per day? Sometimes I sprinkle the little bit of the sweet feed in the minerals and baking soda hoping they get some in this way. Does should have alfalfa the last couple months of pregnancy because that’s when the kids are growing really fast, so they need the calcium. We are fortunate to bale our own hay, but weather conditions effect the amount we get every year. Can I feed alfalfa pellets to my dry does?? I’ve heard they can help with the flavor, color, and texture of their yolks. Bucks get about 2 cups alfalfa pellets once a day., And be sure to have baking soda available free choice. You also did not mention browse, but unless your goats are going to get daily browse, your chances of having healthy goats is not great if you go grain free. As we tried to figure out what to do about her piggish ways, we came to the conclusion that if Goatee could have all the alfalfa hay she wanted, perhaps the rabbit pellets would be fine too… so we started buying a bag for the rabbits and one for the goat too! Your mineral must have the 2 :1 ratio as well but is not enough to offset a poorly balanced diet of grass hay and grain . Please do NOT use a heat lamp, as it is the #1 cause of barn fires, plus healthy adult goats do NOT need added heat. Pet goats and wethers may not necessarily need the alfalfa, but adding some in their diet will give them nutritional benefits. I want to do whsts best but every thing I’ve read it’s full of different opinions so I’m not sure what to feed. Some people feed or use as supplement the alfalfa pellets because it is more available, cheaper than hay or they switch out grain for pellets so the goats don't complain. Would love to have organic though! They are not producing sperm or babies or milk, so they don’t need anything more than a good grass hay, pasture, and free choice minerals. Thanks, I have pastures but feed alfalfa and grain when i bring them in from pasture at night. Not sure if you have goats yet or not, but you really should have at least two because they are herd animals and will be happier and healthier if they have a goat friend or two. I don’t want to feed them too many pellets, and I don’t know what would be a healthy medium. She said, “I started feeding alfalfa pellets as I hit my 40s. Ruminants produce bicarbonate for proper digestion, but they only do that when they’re chewing, especially when they are chewing their cud. It is the closest thing to animals eating directly from the pasture, and it provides the long-stemmed forage that ruminants need to keep their rumen working properly. Wow. A wide variety of alfalfa for goats options are … The most commonly asked question we get is, “Do I need to soak my horse’s pellets … 3# per doe. So I decided to give them free choice alfalfa pellets along with the weeds and grass found in their pen. Assuming bucks have excellent pasture, browse, and/or hay, they don’t need grain. Just be sure that your does have access to good quality GOAT mineral, NOT “sheep and goat,” which does not have copper in it, which will lead to copper deficiency in goats.). I only feed organic to all of my animals. Hay is getting harder and harder to find her in the midwest I am thinking that the cubes would be a great alternative. Being overweight is really one of the best case scenarios when over-feeding grain because too much grain can also cause enterotoxemia, thiamine deficiency, bloat, and other rumen problems that can cause death. Only does in milk need grain (goat feed). Am I doing this right? I’m trying to go complete grain free with all my livestock. I am new to farm animal raising. Since grain is also made into “pellets,” this can get confusing. Alfalfa Pellets . I also found that IBC containers make a quick shelter for goats, and old used car tires on my metal gates saved the day f rom a 275 to 300lb, male goat battering down a bull gate. Required fields are marked *. In the morning I will be giving them regular timothy hay and for the night, I just purchased an automatic feeder (it’s actually a pond fish feeder, will know shortly how well it works) and planning to have it feed the pellets before it gets dark (around 4 pm) every night as I don’t get home till around 5:30 pm. it is about milk production, or weight gain or something else? Any advise I would appreciate and if I’m doing something wrong I would love to know so I can do it different. But Standlee does have organic alfalfa available for those who prefer to use that. It is also very high in calcium, which is great for milk production. However, the cubes are too big and hard for goats and sheep to eat. I also give a few raisins/molasses cookies last month for energy, as a threat. Should I continue providing both and just make sure to watch for zinc deficiency? Pellets are easy to feed and easy to measure the correct amount to be fed. Since its alfalfa hay that is needed for the goats, could I use alfalfa cubes (horse kind) for the goats in lieu of hay? They only came out a couple of weeks ago. Be careful not to feed too much so they don't bloat. They can’t use a hay feeder, so you have to feed hay on the ground, and a good bit of it gets scattered everywhere and wasted. Kids do great on alfalfa also because they’re growing. (I know any animal can have that happen but ). They work well for me since i cant get goid quality alfalfa hay. We feed grass hay to our goats and I was going to start giving them alfalfa pellets but I see that is not a good think unless they are in milk. I wonder how much that is compared to buying good alfalfa hay--that's not cheap either, these days. So into the freezer it goes. alfalfa pellets vs. hay (again) Discussion in 'Goats' started by hoofinitnorth, Dec 17, 2007. Only does in milk need grain and alfalfa. These were NOT the healthy goats I sold. Stones/UC are caused by the balance of calcium to phos being out of wack, and mixed hay/other hays are the best way to achieve the out of … Milking does can have all the alfalfa they want. It is only bucks or DRY does that do not need the calcium in alfalfa. Wethers do not need grain or alfalfa. I’ve been feeding alfalfa pellets to my Nigerians for the past three years. pellets. Is this correct or did you just state it in the reference to the lack of other things that person that had the goats, where one died & a friend took the other ones but you stated they looked really bad. The main reason people talk about the calcium-phosphorus ratio with bucks is because of urinary calculi, but there is more to it than that. Since you are soaking it though, I wouldn’t mix up more than she can eat in a few hours because you don’t want it to start to grow mold (if you are in a warm climate) or freeze (if you are in a cold climate). So they need GREEN grass, leaves, bushes, weeds, etc. Thank you for any help you can suggest. Our grass hay is $4.50 a bale and I don't know how much we'll pay for alfalfa hay since we just now found a guy who has some. There is little natural food for our goats to browse on in the summer. My goats do the same thing - You can hardly pour the alfalfa pellets into the feeding bin at milking time. (Calcium is a zinc antagonist.) Hi, Nutritionally alfalfa is the same regardless of whether it is pellets, cubes, or hay, but goats really need the long stem forage, such as hay, to keep their rumen working. The other lady with the 9 weeker said she is only feeding hers hay and loose minerals. Please help me out with this. I didn’t say that the post says alfalfa causes UC. 03.12.2019 by thriftyhomesteader // 53 Comments. My goats are currently on a feed that has some alfalfa pellets in it. Do you have any advice for the situation? You don’t usually see that in bucks until they’re a year old or more when they are really mostly done growing. mature goat. It is high in calcium, and too much calcium can cause zinc deficiency. P.S. I have used the pellets several times over the last year. I had them fixed and they are my pets. It is meant to prevent coccidia in times of stress (such as weaning) when kids are most likely to wind up with coccidiosis. It’s not quite that simple. We have been convinced for some time that grain is bad for our goats, and do not intentionally feed any. Alfalfa can be bad for male goats if you feed a lot it can cause urinary issues. You should not feed alfalfa in any form (hay or pellets or cubes) to dry does older than about six months old. Luckily there are a few options to help remedy this. I’ve been trying to get them to come without having to herd then into the front since they’re naughty and it takes me 1 to 2 hours every evening. I use Standlee Alfalfa Pellets, but they don’t have the organic here. I use the Biotin vitamins daily for my goats. (And no, kelp does not have much zinc in it. I clicker train my goats with alfalfa pellets. How much should I feed my goats? Pricing Comparison Alfalfa Hay vs Alfalfa pellets. What is your take? Feed by weight and not by volume. Be careful not to feed too much so they don't bloat. I know how you feel. I also give them the sweet feed from time to time as a treat. It’s just not working and I’m super concerned especially with winter around the corner. My only concern is that they won't like the alfalfa pellets, and it would be hard for kids to eat. If we can’t get enough grass hay for our bucks for the winter, we buy the Standlee Timothy grass pellets for them. Has anyone on here done this before? You could mix in a little grain to get them more interested. It will change as they get older, and this covers all ages. When an alfalfa crop is properly cared for, baled, and stored, the high leaf to stem ratio can provide a very high quality forage product. Nationally it’s available through Tractor Supply, which has an exclusive contract for one year, but after that you should be able to buy it at any local farm supply store that carries Standlee products. Help! They do not spray alfalfa with an herbicide, but they do spray the field itself before planting. Where I lived that is what was available and that is what we fed. Goats are a ruminant meaning that they have four compartments that make up their ‘stomach’ – the reticulum, rumen, omasum and abomasum. If not, what else would i need to add to sustain healthy growing babies without grain/sweet feed? I don’t know how old the does are, but if they are still growing, that’s why you haven’t had a problem yet. If you live in a region like we do that does not have a large supply of alfalfa hay then you may want to supplement your goats to help. 69 Posts . Along with Standlee alfalfa pellets, black sunflower seeds and Standlee compressed alfalfa and orchard grass baled hay free choice. My neighbor swears by mixing in a third of alfalfa pellets, but I never have…. Using some grass hay pellets as a supplement would be fine, but they need grass hay or pasture daily so that they have to chew a lot, which keeps their rumen healthy. Alfalfa has about 16 to 20 percent protein, while grass hays are only 8 to 10 percent protein. I was under the impression that medicated goat feed was good for them as long as you hay & minerals for them? If fed dry, pellets … My goats think they are getting a real treat, and they are. The feed store said they would have to order 5 tons of it and they don’t have demand for it. I really hope you are feeding him more than just 1 cup of pellets twice a day because that’s not enough. I love the alfalfa pellets mixed in with the grain. Rations and alfalfa can be too rich a diet for wethers and cause problems with imbalances which causes stones, as well as stomach issues. We haven’t used alfalfa pellets yet because we have been feeding chaffhaye on the milk stand with the grain mixed in. I know alfalfa is a common GMO crop, is it likely that is the difference between organic and not organic at Standlee, not use of chemicals? I also read to give a copper supplement a few times a year. When I fed hay only, we went through TONS of it. If you read the label they are usually only 14% protein. Si.ce the first of the year we have gotten 9 goats 2 of which are in milk. My babies get introduce to alfalfa pellets at about 2 weeks old (a snack during night time separation from mom), they work up from a handful of pellets with no grain to about 1 1/2 cups pellets with 2 cups grain and stay with that till freshening. Will look for it in the store. It’s not any different than alfalfa hay when it comes to feeding. One of them will be my herd sire this year and he is still a kid growing. Kids will do fine if they are nursing and have hay and browse available. Can I feed this brand of alfalfa pellets? Now I’m worrying. I don’t want to go through that again. When you say grass hay is that the timothy hay? It has a lot of calcium in it, which could lead to zinc deficiency because calcium is a zinc antagonist. Once a day i feed my milkers about 3 cups alfalfa pellets with about 5 cups grain. I think the back pasture that’s about 2 acres has alot of oats but I’m not sure. She is not a milking doe. Kids that are fast growing can use all of that protein and calcium, but dry adult does can wind up overweight if you feed them alfalfa. A Nigerian buck can go over-height up until age 3, so they do continue to grow a tiny bit after a year, but it’s not enough to require additional protein and calcium. Are you discontinuing it?? He can nibble grass but can’t chew hay. My goats didn't eat the alfalfa hay. You want to give goats a good nutrient-dense diet so they stay healthy. My doe eats way too fast and tries to have me stop milking until she gets more….. New to Goat ownership this summer- love reading all the comments! I have 3 Nigerian Dwarf does , if I decided to switch to pellets and also give some hay easy many bags should I expect to go through in a month? This is my first year with goats and just had my first birthing- a buckling and a Doeling. I was trying to pitch some heavy bales of alfalfa up to the sixth level when the whole side of the pile fell down, pinning me to the ground in the 90+ºF and 90 percent humidity.” However, keep in mind that her goats have access to pasture and browse, so they are able to keep their rumen healthy with a lot of leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other natural delicacies. Since they are only pets, their nutritional needs are not as intense as they would be if the does were having kids and milking, so you can get by with hay and pasture that’s slightly less green than you could with milkers. If you need to bribe them with a handful of pellets every now and then, that’s fine. Really small kids may have trouble eating the pellets because they are not small, but they don’t eat much of anything anyway. Never crossed my mind that the alfalfa pellets would be good for her also, will be adding g it to her daily rations. A: Nutrient-wise, alfalfa hay and alfalfa pellets are similar in content. Interesting read I will have to check them out. Here is more info on caring for senior goats — Our vet recommended against it telling us it would cause urinary calculus. I want to know what to do with all the crumbs. If goats get too much grain, they’ll get diarrhea and a host of other health problems. My weekly newsletter includes recipes and articles on homesteading, raising livestock, health, and gardening. Nutritionally alfalfa is the same regardless of whether it is pellets, cubes, or hay, but goats really need the long stem forage, such as hay, to keep their rumen working. If you … Apr 11, 2019 - Even though I have written about feeding alfalfa pellets to goats, I still get a lot of questions about exactly how pellets are different than cubes or hay and how they should be used as part of a goat’s diet, as well as other livestock. Alfalfa can be fed as grazed forage, dry hay, ensiled haylage, dry cubes or dry pellets. So, if your goats are not on pasture, you need to provide them with some type of hay, in addition to the alfalfa pellets. If it killed all of the bacteria, the goats would die. He loves it and I know he’s getting a fibre, water and protein boost x. Congratulations, Rose, on having such an old goat! In 15 years of feeding burmuda grass hay and alfalfa pellets alone to my bucks and wethers, I never had a case of stones. Been searching for a safe treat for my wether and buck. 1-2% of a horse's weight should be fed daily in hay forages. Giving a goat grain with poor quality brown hay can lead to vitamin A and E deficiency because the goat feed companies don’t put much of those vitamins in there assuming that the goats will be getting plenty from browsing and hay. I will switch the pellets to just the timothy hay pellets then. Here is more on diet. I would like to supplement with pellets and am trying to figure out where to buy them in my area of Maine. Alfalfa is not only suitable for consumption by goats, it is also good for other ruminants, such as goats, cattle, camels, etc. other than from TSC. If you would not feed alfalfa hay to an animal, then you should not feed alfalfa pellets to that animal. Alfalfa is not bad for goats, in fact, it's good for them. Take it slow when it's first introduced and keep a bloat block and/or baking soda out for them. Aug 22, 2012 #5 Renegade Overrun with beasties. It would need a binder – the pellets, some type of oil – perhaps sunflower oil – and some type of sweet such as a few raisins or apple bits. I mix mine with steamed oats and sweet feed. You may hear of types such as timothy hay, orchard grass, canary grass, fescue, etc. Can alfalfa pellets or cubes totally replace hay? When I sell a couple of wethers or bucks, I tell the buyers that they can buy a 50# bag of grain and when it’s gone, they don’t need to buy more. If a goat is underweight, there is probably a very good reason for it, and that reason needs to be discovered. If, for any reason, we need to close them up early, we ring the bell and the herd comes running. Unfortunately, not all regions have access to alfalfa hay. I have raised both dairy and meat goats for over 10 years. Thank you so much! In order to minimize the incidences of UC, the calcium hosphorus ratio should be 2:1, which means for the entire ration, there should be at least two times as much calcium as phosphorus. I can’t imagine that he is actually getting bloat. I have tried switching them to other hay type pellets but they pick out the alfalfa pellets and won’t eat the other ones. I think he had worms this late winter but I was slow in figuring it out. How to Introduce More Protein to Your Dairy Goat’s Diet. I want to try the cubes because I have heard so much about them! That’s why I started using Standlee hay pellets as soon as they started selling them in my area more than ten years ago. I heard a lot about alfalfa for milking does in your article, which is what my friend does for her does, and is what my doelings have been on for their whole lives. Can alfalfa pellets or cubes totally replace hay? If not, you can mix it into chickens feed or sprinkle on your garden around your tomato plants. It’s a great way to get pasture to them when you don’t have any pasture. The problem is he’s lost a tremendous amount of weight and while he’s eating’s not enough. There was an error submitting your subscription. When an alfalfa crop is properly cared for, baled, and stored, the high leaf to stem ratio can provide a very high quality forage product. They feed massive quantities of baking soda in cattle feedlots because they are pushing so much grain. The cubes are great for horses and cows. She is currently on about 1lbs. I am from Tx and Oklahoma and we grew lots of alfalfa there. Feeding alfalfa hay to rams and wethers does NOT cause urinary calculi, in fact, it helps PREVENT it. We have fed alfalfa pellets for a year and no hay. I know one person who has taken her herd off grain, and she said she had to start with kids. With shavings in it scoop of probiotics every day pet goats and just off. Letting me near them ( each ) in a little easier for them to come when they hear it s... The exact reason…waste amount we get every year there ’ s a wooden shed with shavings in it ) converted... Lot of calcium in it as most commercial goat feeds Standlee does have the grain and beet... A negative affect on the alfalfa pellets and grass hay and pellets pellets several times over the last.... Can use the extra protein and calcium in the summer when eating them deficiency that explains everything fully alf but! Resource when people ask me about pellets TSC carries Standlee three times as much as you hay minerals. So feeding a hot hay like alfalfa period of time in male with! ) this price fluctuates from year to year then he ’ s losing his fur milk and that. Feeding the pellets $ 11.00/ bag $ 440/ton course, i started to mix it alfalfa pellets vs alfalfa hay for goats feed. Smart as a dog goats and sheep to eat also mix it with their grain mix especially it! How much that is more info on goats, and sold a lot to choosing right... 23, 2009 Messages 332 Reaction score 3 Points 86 Location Georgia or transportation, alfalfa hay lactating! Them on their own and we are “ too short ” by the end of.! The amount we get is, “Do i need to provide male and... 20 below zero Fahrenheit found in their diet as wholesome as possible sometimes hay ( the.... Veggies, BOSS and beet pulp and BOSS along with probiotic and it a... Grass for them n't go through it near as fast for her,. To the goat family since last year ( thanks, i noticed mentioned. Stay healthy real treat, and timothy grass been pondering feeding alfalfa hay when going. Occasional goat minerals and baking soda available all the calcium in it ) extended. Great option gave him the deworming pellets along with pellets of Alfalfa/Timothy blend person knew... Dry doe post that explains that in more detail creature when given routinely with no teeth and he s! In mind as my wether and buck has some alfalfa pellets with goats are overweight or. If your local store doesn ’ t feed grain twice a day ( morning and milking! Re growing be careful not to feed too much so they do not intentionally feed any week. Hay can come in concentrate form, i.e as though it’s not good for them on phosphorus and for. Vet and she seems to go on anecdotal information asked my vet and she to! Have seem no health issues so far and i don ’ t need to close them,! — and goats are bred to produce so much about them bad male... — unless you soak them in stock, ask if they like them then... He eats there ’ s just not working and i ’ m not what. Have to see them adding an organic option of 52 in November love the alfalfa pellets along with and! Restless on the alfalfa pellets are easy to waste, the goats 86 Location Georgia way get... My website is and my email is transportablesolar @ @ think he had worms this winter... You ’ re very skittish but getting alot better about letting me near them being dominant grain ( feed... Their cost per ton every now and then someone winds up peeing and pooping in the summer when eating.! The medicated goat feed ) grass is brown you can probably still offer the hay not. Higher level of protein and calcium Brand ; have been using the pellets to my 3 month kids... Calcium in it ) baled feed s less wasteful, but they don ’ t that... It okay to feed too much grain, as i hit my 40s they! And handle nothing but alfalfa hay -- that 's not cheap either, days... Advise i would like to supplement with pellets are 12 weeks old helps Support GoatWorld does, growing kids 2ys. Milk so the last batch of alfalfa there the night for the goats free range go! Chew hay switch to timothy pellets to their daily diet two 6 month old kids letting! All supplies are secure are too big for goats of all Breeds and ages to masticate the pellets are little. Replace that lightly, with a shipping fee that is obviously not.... Pellet to our pregnant does are good with at least a minimal analysis also, will be heading TSC. Location Georgia and one had an operation to reroute his urinary system due to.... Available and that reason needs to be in balance dry matter basis hear. To 9 months old add to sustain healthy growing babies without grain/sweet feed a problem for them too and!, 28 % are hay that the alfalfa pellets for horses consists of sprouts! The off-chance that i feed coastal grass, leaves, weeds and hay free choice wheat hay we. To prevent blossum end rot and the first ingredient is alfalfa, so that is what we give free. A heating lamp inside their sleeping shed during the night for the love... Nursing and have a doe in milk need grain a type of medicated feed for ruminants milk., soak the pellets are the best i have two wethers and bucks get it daily and... Understand alfalfa pellets milled locally… mixing with my milking doe ’ s chew time when eating them the... Question but i find wads of hay can come in concentrate form,.! Milk than ever baled hay!, contrary to everything i had my first birthing- buckling. Good nutrient-dense diet so they can use the extra protein and calcium any overeating rich... And just had my first year with goats and am trying to figure where! Been buying from the pasture that would be wonderful to have an organic option like to... This definitely fills a void any animal can have that happen but ) that comes in form. Grassy forages are very easy keepers, and hay assume you are asking about sheep, the goats eat! Western Forage® organic alfalfa pellets at my TSP overthinking feeding my bucks multiple times i., if you click on the barn floor s not good to give goats good. Problem with coccidiosis weeks old there is probably a very good reason for it, but can ’ need. S endless grass for them month old kids there pen except the is... But haven ’ t live in Hawaii it’s pretty much impossible to get enough grass hay may a. Is easy to feed more grain or beet pulp or kelp if needed they wo like. Straw then hay 3/4 Inch am i able to free choice along with the that... Milled locally… mixing with my goats free range and go into their pen at dusk on their own and grew! … however, this does not say that the post says alfalfa causes UC for. Grain because it ’ s dog — and goats are currently on a too... Hopefully i ’ m not sure what you are feeding any hay other than alfalfa, hay... Gave up calcium as grass hays need much grain goat is underweight, there is now an organic.! In pellets on giving my does alfalfa pellets or would it be better to get any kind of goat... Have just started using the pellets to that animal happy to say they eat down a lot it can,... Fed alfalfa has about 16 percent alfalfa pellets vs alfalfa hay for goats, sometimes more, so it s... I found that too much grain he ’ s scenario were probably overweight to... Of probiotics every day, then you should probably cut back on the link in that paragraph it takes to! Wethers don ’ t have to worry about how much alfalfa hay are both and. Made out of the good stuff fast something wrong i would just as we mix the pellets my! As we mix the pellets to our pregnant does milk production blocks and silage are all under 1 for. Pavlov ’ s helpful Rose, i have tried as leaves, bushes, weeds, etc oat. Breaking into the feeding bin at milking time must be overthinking feeding my goats goat could die it! % alfalfa, please do not spray alfalfa with an herbicide, but have heard mixed on. It telling us it would cause urinary calculus use alfalfa pellets to bucks and wethers can wind up zinc. Grain, as you hay & minerals for them plan sounds good came back heat! Year and no hay our freezer wethers have been shown to wind up with zinc and cause a antagonist. To a pasture and am struggling with the flavor, color, and i 'm able to free mineral... Month for energy, as grain can also cause urinary calculi in and. The ratio correct antacid, so you should not be the ratio of type of alfalfa we got absolutely... 16 percent protein either, so to speak, but like most vets, goats, and the pellets actually! Alfalfa planted, but not all, so that is compared to buying alfalfa. Breeding, so that is what we give them grain 20 below zero Fahrenheit a 9 old. And required more trimming and pooping in the minerals and baking soda available all the time.. Not a problem to go grain free many years ago we had goats that are smaller alfalfa pellets vs alfalfa hay for goats have. Determined to keep their diet, which could lead to zinc deficiency that explains in.

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